Mercedes-Benz A-Class gearbox problem

* Two gearbox issues on a new Mercedes A-Class * Car was off the road for nearly a month * Fault was identified and the car returned...

Mercedes-Benz A-Class gearbox problem

After enjoying two blissfully problem-free Mercedes-Benz cars, Harry Kemp had no doubts that buying a third Merc was the right decision. He opted for an A200 AMG Sport with an automatic gearbox, and collected it from Mercedes-Benz Aberdeen.

He hadn’t even made it past 1000 miles when disaster struck one morning. He started the engine but couldn’t select a gear. A warning message appeared, telling him to get straight to a dealer.

Mercedes-Benz Recovery Assistance towed the car to the local dealer. The A-Class stayed there for a week, during which time a control box to the gearbox was changed. Harry was then back on the road.

That wasn’t the end of his troubles, however. Just a week later Harry got another dashboard warning, telling him to take the A-Class to the dealer without changing gear. Harry left his new car to be inspected for a second time.

Days went by, turning into weeks and still the dealer couldn’t tell Harry what was wrong with the car. As communication dried up he called Mercedes-Benz Customer Services, which arranged for him to meet with the dealer. When this proved fruitless, he turned to Helpdesk.

We got in touch with Mercedes-Benz UK and asked for it to intervene. Harry’s car had been in the workshop for nearly a month with no sign that a fix would ever be found. Mercedes agreed to investigate and its technicians discovered that part of the clutch was faulty.

Problem identified, the offending part was quickly replaced and the warning messages on the dashboard were eventually extinguished. Harry and his A-Class were finally back on the road.

What if this happens to you?

  • If your dealer doesn’t keep you up-to-date or can’t find a fix, call the manufacturer and ask for a second opinion.
  • Remind your dealer that under the Sale of Goods Act it must fix inherent defects within a reasonable time, and must not make repeated repairs that don’t work.

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