MG gives local workers 15% discount

* Scheme for Birmingham council workers * Employees to get up to 2500 discount on new MGs * Plan to help local economy...

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Pete Barden
23 May 2012

MG gives local workers 15% discount

MG has launched a scheme to encourage employees of Birmingham City Council to buy its cars.

The Longbridge-based car maker is offering membership of the MG Privileged Members Car Scheme to 46,000 Birmingham City Council workers.

Workers taking up the offer are guaranteed a discount of around 15%, which could mean as much as 2500 off the asking price of an MG6.

Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore said: 'MGs new scheme will give Birmingham City Council staff an incentive to buy Birmingham when they are thinking of buying a car. This can only be good for the city.

'We are delighted that there are 400 highly skilled jobs at Longbridge. Just a few years ago we were faced with the prospect of an empty site and the loss of those skills. MG has shown a commitment to Birmingham. We will show a commitment to MG.'