MG - Peugeot

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MG - Peugeot

21st of 30
Last year's position 16th of 26
Cars needing repair work 33%
Average repair cost 397
Star model TF ('02-'05)

Despite its cars being, on average, the youngest in our survey, MG was a disappointing 21st overall.

The ('02-'05) TF proved the strongest, with 25 claims per 100 cars, while its predecessor, the F, was worst at 37 claims per 100.

At least the average labour rate was among the lowest around, at 90 an hour.


8th of 30
Last year's position 5th of 26
Cars needing repair work 27%
Average repair cost 363
Star model Mini ('01-'07)

Another good result from Mini, finishing eighth overall.

A third of cars that failed suffered electrical issues, although engine problems were rare.

The average Mini labour rate was more than 82 an hour, the highest in the survey, while the maximum rate was 162 an hour.


4th of 30
Last year's position Not in survey
Cars needing repair work 18%
Average repair cost 371
Star model Carisma ('95-'99)

Possibly the biggest surprise of the survey was Mitsubishi's fourth place, with all but one of its cars gaining a full five-star reliability rating.

The most dependable was the ('95-'99) Carisma, which beat the later ('99-'05) Carisma.

The ('97-'03) Galant was by far the least reliable, with 37 claims per 100 cars and a two-star reliability rating.


6th of 30
Last year's position 6th of 26
Cars needing repair work 20%
Average repair cost 277
Star model X-Trail ('01-'07)

Nissan is consistently in the top 10 most-reliable manufacturers, and this year the popular X-Trail is its most-dependable model, with just four failures per 100 cars.

The Micra, Almera and Primera weren't far behind.

Axle, suspension and electric complaints caused the lion's share of repairs, but braking and fuel systems were also a slight weakness.

Average repair bills were low though, at 277.


11th of 30
Last year's position 11th of 26
Cars needing repair work 29%
Average repair cost 236
Star model 106 ('91-'96)

No change for Peugeot in terms of position over last year's survey, but the frequency of warranty repairs has risen, with cars proving slightly less reliable.

Peugeot's only model with top marks for reliability, the ('91-'96) 106, had 18 claims per 100 cars.

The ('01-present) 307 could manage only a mid-table result at 37 claims per 100, but the villain was the ('00-present) 607, with 41 claims per 100 cars.