Mini 5dr hatchback long-term test: report 4

A facelift earlier this year gave the Mini hatchback new technology and revised looks inside and out. So, do these changes keep it feeling fresh?...

2021 Mini Hatch long-term filling up

The car Mini 5dr hatchback Cooper Sport Run by Chris Haining, sub-editor

Why it’s here To see if the iconic Mini still has what it takes to compete in a world that cares about more than just image.

Needs to Keep its driver entertained on twisty roads, as well as shrugging off motorways comfortably and economically.

Mileage 2665 List price £21,965 Target price £20,761 Price as tested £27,385 Test economy 48.2 mpg Official economy 49.6 mpg 

25 August 2021 – fishing for compliments

There’s a nifty little toggle switch on the dashboard of my Mini hatchback. Flick it upwards and Sport mode turns the dials red and readies the engine and steering to supply extra adrenaline. Contrastingly, flick it downwards, and the engine comes over rather drowsy, but I gain a halo so bright that there’s no need for interior lighting.

2021 Mini Hatch long-term economy goldfish

The latter is all thanks to my friend the economy goldfish, who lives in the infotainment screen. I call her Wanda. She loves smooth, considered driving, the kind that prevents the water in her tank from sloshing around. Anticipation, timely gearchanges and gentle acceleration are rewarded with a gold star and an excited backflip of gratitude.

My quest for a screenful of stars has turned me into something of a saint, vigilantly guarding momentum and doing all I can to avoid abrupt stops and starts. There’s fiscal reward, too; this economy binge helped my most recent tankful return 48mpg.

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