MINI Electric: your guide to its in-car tech

From head-up displays to colour worlds, we explore the MINI Electric’s driver-focused technology...

MINI Electric Resolute Edition front three quarters

With its standout style, dependable range and amped-up all-electric driving character, the MINI Electric is the perfect EV for every occasion.

Add in the cost-saving benefits of home top-ups, zero road tax and urban emission zone exemption, and MINI ownership becomes even more affordable and even more sustainable than ever before. We haven’t even got to the MINI Electric’s complimentary home charger installation* – more on that later. We recently took a closer look at MINI’s latest limited-run model: the MINI Electric Resolute Edition, which combines the best of classic MINI heritage with bang up-to-date, future-facing tech. But we also wanted to take a deeper dive into the wealth of tech available in the broader MINI Electric range – shedding some ambient light on how it works and why it matters. Let’s get started.

Learn more about the MINI Electric Resolute Edition

MINI Electric steering wheel

Giving you a heads-up

With so many distractions on the road – especially in the city – focus is everything. So, in the spirit of safety first, let’s kick things off with one of the MINI Electric’s party pieces: the optional Head-up Display (available on the Level 3 trim and standard on the Resolute Edition).

Push the glowing ‘start’ button, and watch the Head-up Display spring into action – ascending from the dashboard to position itself perfectly within your eye line. From your current speed to navigation prompts, and from warning signals to song selections, this sophisticated yet elegantly simple system helps you keep your eyes on the road at all times.

If at any point, you want a more ‘old-school’ driving experience, the Head-up Display can be retracted at any time, leaving you with the vibrant digital dials on the 5-inch screen above the steering wheel.

MINI Electric on the road

Safety first (and foremost)

Staying on theme, the MINI Electric is packed full of smart safety technology as standard. Cruise Control with Braking Function is your motorway assist, taking the wasted energy out of incremental throttle and braking inputs. You can adjust your speed manually via the steering wheel controls and use the limiter (LIM) to set a maximum speed.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is your second set of eyes on every journey – intervening in the event of a pedestrian or other vehicle pulling out in front of you, unexpectedly. Paired with Lane Departure Warning, which ensures you always stay within the lines, the MINI Electric is always on high alert without taking away from the pure driving experience.

Park Assist is your semi-autonomous answer to an everyday hassle: parking. Simply find an appropriate space, put your MINI Electric in reverse and let the ultrasonic parking sensors and rear-facing camera do the hard work for you*.

MINI Electric infotainment screen

Find your perfect route

The word ‘connected’ gets banded around a lot these days. But what does it mean in the real world? Well, in the case of the MINI Electric’s Navigation System, it means an immersive, fully customisable map experience. You can keep track of (and avoid) congestion thanks to Real Time Traffic Alerts (RTTI). It also lets you know when public chargers are available in real-time, as well as providing seamless smartphone integration and intelligent voice-activated navigation commands.

For both safety and convenience, the MINI Electric uses Online Speech Processing (including Alexa In-Car preparation) to interpret your voice commands – with little more than “get me home” needed to send you in the right direction. And, because the technology in the MINI Electric never stands still (and nor do you), your navigation system will always be kept bang up to date with automatic over-the-air updates.

MINI Electric infotainment screen

Top tier infotainment

The beating heart of the MINI Electric: the ultra-intuitive infotainment system sits front and centre. Echoing classic MINI’s of the 1960s, the circular surround (complete with laser-engraved LED ring) houses your 8.8in touchscreen display. From there, you have access to a full suite of multimedia features including DAB digital radio, eDrive Services, ConnectedDrive Services (more on those later), USB audio, and the aforementioned Navigation Pack.

With wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, as standard you have multiple ways to customise your digital experience while the rotary dial and menu shortcuts provide additional ways to navigate the system.

MINI Electric infotainment screen

First class MINI service(s)

Within the MINI Electric’s infotainment system is a suite of intelligent functions designed to make daily life easier and more efficient. It all starts with MINI eDrive Services – your helpful eco tutor, designed to help you drive your MINI Electric even more efficiently. The system continuously calculates your preferred ‘Green Route’ – that’s the most efficient route for each of your journeys, so you can get the most out of every charge. It will even provide regular stats to help you further improve your on-road economy.

Think of MINI ConnectedDrive Services as your personal mobility assistant. MINI Online keeps you and your passengers connected to the world outside the car. When stationary, a few taps of the touchscreen let you find the latest local news and weather information, search any point of interest (down to restaurant ratings and reviews) and find relevant Wikipedia articles related to specific locations on your journey. Travelling abroad? Keep on top of speed limits, mandatory kit and special rules by country using the Country Information app.

Smartphone in MINI Electric

The power of the app

MINI Remote Services – as the name suggests – puts the power in your hands before you’ve even jumped behind the wheel. Using the intuitive MINI App on your smartphone, you’ll have access to functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, battery pre-conditioning and cabin temperature adjustment for those colder starts.

You can also track your top-up times, check your MINI Electric’s battery percentage and kWh efficiency, and manage charging times from the comfort of your couch. Want to keep your MINI Electric in tip-top condition? A few taps of the app and you can schedule everything from a scheduled service to an MOT.

MINI Electric mode toggle

Otherworldly colour

Whether you’re on the move or standing still, the standard display colours and mood lighting in the MINI Electric are a spectacle in themselves. Toggle between ‘Lounge’ and ‘Sport’ modes to watch the recess lighting shift from cool blues to warm hues. In conjunction with the optional Ambient Lighting Pack (standard on Level 2, 3 and Resolute Edition), the ‘Colour Worlds’ of the displays can be combined with the interior light control and a plethora of colour combinations to choose from – six for each of the two modes, to be precise.

MINI Electric Harman Kardon speaker

The sound of silence

360 watts and 12 speakers: the optional Harmon Kardon sound system (standard on Level 3 and Resolute Edition) has been specifically designed for the MINI Electric, with speakers placed optimally throughout the cabin and a high-efficiency amplifier designed specifically for the space inside. Jump into your sound settings on the MINI Electric’s touchscreen for added levels of customisation for those who are audio inclined.

MINI Electric charging

All charged up

While many EV intenders will weight up their on-the-go options, a lot of electric car owners will want the consistency of a home charger, and that, of course, comes at an additional cost – but not with the MINI Electric. MINI is currently offering a complimentary PodPoint home charging installation when you purchase a new MINI Electric*** which means you can focus on accommodation costs on your next road-trip.

Learn more about the MINI Electric Resolute Edition

*You should never rely solely on the Parking Assist function

**The driver remains responsible for acceleration and deceleration

***Offer available with any new MINI Electric purchased before the end of March 2023

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