Audi Q5 diesel vs Volvo XC60 hybrid

Should you choose plug-in hybrid or diesel power for your plush SUV? We pit the powerful Volvo XC60 T8 against Audi’s Q5 40 TDI to find the answer...

New Audi Q5 diesel vs Volvo XC60 hybrid

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

​ You have to pay extra for electric seat adjustment on both these SUVs, but that’s one of the few black marks against them. Both come with adjustable lumbar and under-thigh support, plus supportive side bolsters. The Volvo XC60’s driving position is almost impossible to fault, but some of our testers felt the Audi Q5 could do with more steering wheel adjustment.

Both have big windows to aid visibility, plus standard front and rear parking sensors. A reversing camera is an affordable option on both, although a 360deg camera is much cheaper on the XC60.

New Audi Q5 diesel vs Volvo XC60 hybrid

The interiors of both are of high quality, but the Q5 edges the XC60 with even classier-feeling plastics and switches that operate with greater precision.

We also like the fact that the Q5’s air-con controls are taken care of by proper buttons rather than via the infotainment touchscreen, as on the XC60; this makes them significantly easier to use when you’re on the move.