New BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class

These luxurious saloons seem to have it all. But can the new BMW 520d outshine the equivalent Mercedes-Benz E-Class?...

15 March 2016
New BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class

What will they cost?

If you’re considering either of these saloons, the chances are you’re a company car driver. If so, you’ll sacrifice slightly less of your salary each month to run the Mercedes E-Class, but the difference of £370 over three years (assuming you’re a 40% taxpayer) probably isn’t enough to help you make up your mind.

There’s more in it if you’re leasing. Our contract hire supplier quotes £20 a month more for the new BMW 5 Series, which is an extra £720 over a three-year term. The E-Class will also cost you fractionally less at the pumps. In our real-world True MPG tests, it averaged an extra 1.3mpg, although that tots up to only about £45 every 12,000 miles based on current diesel prices.

New BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class

Relatively small discounts on the new 5 Series make it the more expensive car to own privately, too. It’s cheaper to service and insure, and it’s predicted to be worth less when you sell it on in the future. All things considered, you’ll need to budget an extra £2700 or so to own the 5 Series over a three-year period.

Both cars are lined up here in their cheapest trims. Even so, you still get automatic air-con (also called climate control), cruise control, leather seats (heated in the front), keyless start and front and rear parking sensors in both. The 5 Series has xenon headlights, whereas the E-Class gets even better LED units and a reversing camera.

These cars come with automatic emergency braking as standard to help minimise your chances of accidentally running into the car in front or hitting a pedestrian. The E-Class also scored five out of five in its Euro NCAP safety test, with particularly strong marks for child protection. The 5 Series hadn’t been tested at the time of writing.

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