New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Hyundai has given its i20 more standard safety and infotainment features in an attempt to trouble the standard-setting Seat Ibiza...

New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

​ Getting comfortable in either car is no bother, thanks to a generous amount of adjustment in their steering wheels and driver’s seats. However, the Ibiza’s sports seats have far chunkier side bolsters than the i20’s, so they hold you better through corners. Plus, they allow you to sit lower, while the pedals line up nicely with the steering wheel, whereas the i20’s are offset a little to the right. Sadly, neither car offers adjustable lumbar support.

The i20 claws back some points when it comes to visibility. While both cars give you an impressive all-round fi eld of vision, the i20 also gets front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera. If you’re nervous about parking and want the Ibiza, you’ll have to pay £220 for rear parking sensors alone or £430 for the all-round sensors and rearview camera of the Vision Plus Pack.

New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Generous standard equipment can only do so much for the i20’s desirability, though. Although it features some soft-touch plastic on the dashboard, its interior isn’t as plush as the Ibiza’s, which has a more modern-looking dash and luxuries such as a perforated leather steering wheel and gloss black highlights. Plus, the switches and buttons in the Ibiza have a slicker action and feel more robust.