New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Hyundai has given its i20 more standard safety and infotainment features in an attempt to trouble the standard-setting Seat Ibiza...

New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

Both cars offer plenty of space but excel in different ways. You sit lower in the Ibiza, yet the i20 actually has fractionally more head room in the front. Shoulder room is far better in the Ibiza, however, making it feel almost as roomy in the front as many cars from the class above.

It’s a similar case in the back. Both cars have space to accommodate two 6ft-tall adults without their knees touching the front seatbacks, nor their heads the roof. But the Ibiza gives you fractionally more leg room and, once again, is significantly wider, meaning you feel less hemmed in. Naturally, this also makes seating three adults abreast that bit easier.

New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Where the Ibiza really takes a lead in the practicality stakes is in boot space. Thanks to a longer and taller load bay and a smaller lip, its cargo space is impressive for a small car. Both cars accepted five carry-on suitcases in our tests, but the Ibiza did so with more room to spare.

Hyundai i20

Official boot capacity 326-1042 litres Suitcase capacity 5

New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

The i20 is slightly taller than the Ibiza, so it gives occupants more head room in the front and rear. However, its interior is significantly narrower than the Ibiza’s, meaning passengers in the rear seats will feel more hemmed in.

Seat Ibiza

Official boot capacity 355-823 litres Suitcase capacity 5

New Hyundai i20 vs Seat Ibiza

Not only does the Ibiza offer more rear leg room, but it also has the longest and most accommodating boot; five carry-on suitcases fitted with room to spare. You have to pay £160 for a height-adjustable boot floor, though.

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