New KTM sports car on show at the NEC

* First chance for UK buyers to see KTM X-Bow * At Autosport International Show from January 10 * On sale later this year...

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David Motton
03 January 2008

New KTM sports car on show at the NEC

UK buyers will have their first chance to see the new KTM X-Bow sports car at the Autosport International Racing Car Show later this month.

The car has appeared at events in Dubai and Italy since its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last year, but the event at the NEC will be the X-Bow's first British public appearance.

It's also the first time the car has been shown in the optional 'Gleaming White' paint.

The X-Bow is the first four-wheeled model from motorcycle manufacturer KTM. Production at KTM's plant in Graz, Austria will begin this year.

The car will be on sale in the UK within 12 months, but the exact on-sale date has yet to be confirmed. The X-Bow will cost 38,810.

The Autosport Show runs from January 10-13.

The X-Bow will be on Stand 9450 in Hall 9.