New Mercedes-AMG SL or Lexus LC Convertible: practicality

These muscular drop-tops promise performance and luxury in equal measure. But which of them should you choose?...

New Mercedes-AMG SL rear space

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

With their roofs raised, both the Mercedes-AMG SL and Lexus LC Convertible offer plenty of space for six-footers up front, and their interiors are wide enough to separate you from your passenger while retaining a desirable sense of intimacy. There is also plenty of space for small items in various cubbies, but you soon hit the practicality buffers. 

You see, both cars technically have two rear seats, but in reality, they're only token efforts. Even if you're only of average height, you'll find that you have to splay your legs on each side of the seat in front in order to fit. Head room with the roof up is also very restricted; you have to duck down for the roof to close properly. 

Lexus LC Convertible rear space

If you want to travel four up to the south of France, then, you'd be mad to choose either of these cars. But that doesn't necessarily mean the rear seats are pointless. If you need to take your children to nursery, or perhaps want to run your friends down to the local pub, they do come in handy for very short distances. 

Regardless, we suspect most buyers will use the rear seats as a bit of extra luggage space, considering that the boots in both cars are rather restrictive due to their high load lips and narrow apertures. The SL makes life easier with a powered bootlid and a longer boot, though, allowing us to slot in three carry-on suitcases, versus just two in the LC. 

Boot space

Mercedes-AMG SL 

New Mercedes-AMG SL boot space

Boot 213 litres Suitcases 3

Lexus LC Convertible

Lexus LC Convertible boot space

Boot 149 litres Suitcases 2

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