New Mercedes-Benz GLE vs Audi Q7 vs Land Rover Discovery

The latest new luxury SUV from Mercedes-Benz will have to play a blinder if it’s to surpass the Land Rover Discovery and bring an end to the Audi Q7’s four-year dominance...

Audi Q7 interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

With the loftiest driving position, the Discovery will no doubt hit the spot with many SUV fans, but the Q7’s sports seats are actually the comfiest on long journeys and the most supportive through corners.

Land Rover Discovery interior

All three cars have electric seat adjustment, including for lumbar support, but while the Q7 and Discovery’s driving seats have a function that allows you to save and recall your ideal position at the touch of the button, this handy feature is part of the £1995 Premium Package on the GLE.

Mercedes-Benz GLE interior

The Discovery’s high driving position and deep windows make it the easiest to see out the front and side of, although the view over your shoulder is most hampered by the massive headrests of the second row. More positively, it’s the only car with a 360deg parking aid system to help you slot into tight spaces; the others make do with a regular rear-view camera, along with front and rear parking sensors.

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