New Mercedes E300e vs BMW 530e: verdict

Serious opulence meets low running costs in this battle of the plug-in hybrid luxury saloons. But which is best?...

BMW 530e vs Mercedes E300e rears

Our verdict

As you’ve probably guessed already, it’s the E300e that picks up the silver medal here. Its longer standard equipment list is welcome, while many will appreciate the interior’s wow factor. However, not even the monthly BIK tax saving can make up for the lacklustre way it drives.

So, that leaves the 530e as the winner of this test and still our favourite luxury car. Not only is it great to drive (provided you go for the M Sport Pro Pack version) and plenty quick enough for most drivers, but it also benefits from a higher-quality interior with more user-friendly controls and more room in the back. All in all, it’s a far more rounded package that’s well worth the tiny extra monthly outlay for company car users.

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1st – BMW 5 series

BMW 530e 2021 front pan

For Great ride and handling balance; higher-quality interior; class-leading infotainment; more rear seat space; cheaper to buy and run privately
Against Pricey option packs; slower battery charging
Recommended options None

What Car? ratings 5 stars out of 5

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2nd – Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E300e 2021 front pan

For Better equipped; more flexible rear seats as standard; slightly cheaper on PCP finance and monthly BIK tax payments
Against Wallowy ride and handling; less polished hybrid system; less robust build quality; awkwardly shaped boot Recommended options None

What Car? ratings 3 stars out of 5

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Specifications: BMW 5 Series 530e M Sport Pro Pack

BMW 530e 2021 steering wheel

Engine 4cyl, 1998cc, turbo, petrol, plus electric motor
Peak power 288bhp (combined)
Peak torque 310Ib ft (combined)
Gearbox 8-spd automatic
0-60mph 5.4sec
30-70mph 5.0sec
Top speed 146mph
30-0mph 8.5m
70-0mph 45.8m
Noise @ 30mph 60.3dB
Noise @ 70mph 67.6dB
Kerb weight 1910kg
Wheels/tyres (std) 245/35 R20 (f), 275/30 R20 (r) (19s no-cost option)
Fuel tank 46 litres
Official economy 188.3mpg
Test economy 35.5mpg (with battery fully depleted)
Official electric range 36 miles
Test electric range 22.5 miles
Battery capacity 11kWh (usable)
Peak charging rate 3.7kW
Charging time 3hr 36min (0-100%)
CO2 emissions 33g/km

Specifications: Mercedes E-Class E300e AMG Line Premium

Mercedes E300e 2021 steering wheel

Engine 4cyl, 1991cc, turbo, petrol, plus electric motor
Peak power 316bhp (combined)
Peak torque 516Ib ft (combined)
Gearbox 9-spd automatic
0-60mph 5.3sec
30-70mph 5.0sec
Top speed 155mph
30-0mph 8.5m
70-0mph 46.3m
Noise @ 30mph 59.2dB
Noise @ 70mph 66.6dB
Kerb weight 1990kg
Wheels/tyres (std) 245/45 R18 (f), 275/40 R18 (r)
Fuel tank 50 litres
Official economy 176.6mpg
Test economy 34.0mpg (with battery fully depleted)
Official electric range 34 miles
Test electric range 21.3 miles
Battery capacity 13.5kWh (usable)
Peak charging rate 7.4kW
Charging time 1hr 45min (est, 0-100%)
CO2 emissions 37g/km

Weather conditions Dry

Cars pictured

BMW 530e M Sport Pro Pack with Bluestone metallic paint, Technology Pack (£2495), Parking Assistant Plus (£650 and split-folding rear seats (£395)

Mercedes E300e AMG Line Night Edition Premium Plus with Diamond White metallic paint (£895) and Driving Assistance Package (£1695)

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