Promoted: Honda CR-V - where extras are standard

If you’re after clever features which come as standard, the Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC EX is packed full of them...

Promoted: Honda CR-V - where extras are standard

With Honda, it’s all about making your life easier. With the CR-V, you can set your rain-sensing wipers to start when the rain reaches a certain level of pouring, while the Active Cornering Lights illuminate the section of road you’re steering towards.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a constant distance from the car in front, and slows down or speeds up in response. Plus there’s a lane-departure warning system that lets you know if you start to drift.

You’ll never be short of space with the CR-V either, thanks to seats that fold and flip into several convenient combinations to give you all the room you need.

All of this, and all as standard on the CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC EX. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

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