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We're looking for the perfect family to give the MG ZS SUV and the MG3 hatchback the ultimate test drive...

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11 January 2019

Promoted: Our MG ZS weekend

Ever wanted to join our team at What Car? and give two of MG's latest models the perfect family-friendly video road test?

We're on a quest to find out if the MG ZS crossover and the MG3 hatchback fit a typical family's needs, so we're looking for parents (approx. 45 to 60 years old) with teenagers (approx. 17 to 22 years old) who have just started driving.

We'll give you both cars for a week and a set of GoPro cameras. All we ask is that you use the GoPros to record what you get up to in the cars, and your impressions of how they drive and fit your life.

To see how we've done this before, check out our most recent MG video:

If you're interested, simply email us at with a few details about your family – who you are, where you live, what you get up to for work and play in a typical week, and what you'd do with a brand-new SUV and hatchback.