Promoted: Why do SEAT Ibiza owners love their cars so much?

Two current SEAT Ibiza owners will be among the first people to drive the newest version of the supermini...

Promoted: Why do SEAT Ibiza owners love their cars so much?

When the All-new SEAT Ibiza was shown in public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show recently, a few members of the crowd were particularly enthusiastic.

Gaynor Thorpe and Rav Jagdev, both active members of the Ibiza Owners Club, were invited by SEAT to attend the show’s two press days to see the fifth generation of the supermini up close. They also got to meet with SEAT executives to find out more about the Ibiza, and the firm’s future plans.

But the trip to Switzerland was just the start for Gaynor and Rav. To ensure the Ibiza’s biggest fans are among the first to experience the new car, SEAT have invited the two Ibiza ambassadors to Barcelona in a few weeks. They’ll visit the home of SEAT, where they’ll be among the first members of the public to drive the new Ibiza.

As part of a promotion with SEAT, What Car? will be on hand in Barcelona to capture their first reactions to the new Ibiza. But first we wanted to give you a chance to learn more about the two Ibiza ambassadors.

We asked Gaynor and Rav why Ibiza owners are so passionate about their cars, what the Ibiza Owners Club does, and for their initial impressions on the new Ibiza. Check out this video:

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