Saab halts production, again

* Second stoppage in as many weeks * Claims that suppliers haven't been paid * Saab boss says company not on 'verge of collapse'...

Saab halts production, again

Saab has once again halted production because of a shortage of parts from its suppliers.

The stoppage comes the day after Saab had reassured investors that its finances were sound.

Saab spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs said: 'Production has stopped right now. It was stopped this morning.

'We are working intensively to make sure the flow gets going again. We are having discussions with suppliers and doing our best to come to mutual agreements.'

She was unable to confirm how long the stoppage would last, but a similar stoppage last week closed the production line for three days.

Unpaid bills
Saab's owner, Spyker, said that last week's halt in production caused by unpaid bills was no more than a small hiccup and that the company was not in danger.

Reports suggest that several of Saab's largest suppliers have stopped deliveries because of the unpaid bills.

Spyker CEO and Saab chairman Victor Muller claimed that Saab was still operational and not on the 'verge of collapse'.

He said that by 2012, Saab will have the biggest and widest range in its history.

However, he also predicted the company would experience more halts in production. 'This is an ongoing thing. It will take some time to get everyone back in line properly, he said. 'We will get it under control.'