Saab pulls out of Frankfurt motor show

* 'Not an appropriate use of resources' * Production still on hold * Nissan not attending show, either...

Saab pulls out of Frankfurt motor show

Saab has pulled out of the Frankfurt motor show.

The decision was taken yesterday August 15 due to Saabs continuing financial troubles.

Saab has struggled to pay its staff recently and production at its factory in Trollhattan remains on hold until all suppliers have been paid. No date has been set for it to resume.

Although the car maker had planned to attend the show, it has now decided that it cant justify the cost.

Commenting on its media website, Saab said: While it would be desirable to be at the show to help further Saabs global presence, it is not considered an appropriate use of resources at this time.

Nissan is not attending the Frankfurt motor show, either, and sources told us that the decision was based on the cost involved and that it didnt have any significant new cars to display. Nissans prestige brand Infiniti is attending the show, however.

Nissan will be attending the Tokyo motor show in December, and will have new models on show.