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Specs & prices

The standard XF comes with an eight-speaker hi-fi system with 140w of power and a 3.5mm MP3 input.

Spend an extra 650, and you'll get a 320w system with nine speakers, a DSP processor and a 32-litre subwoofer in the boot. This system is fitted as standard in Premium Luxury and SV8 cars.

The full Bowers and Wilkins package costs 1540 in standard XF models (from 33,900) and 1140 in Premium Luxury and SV8 models, which start from 37,500 and 54,900, respectively.

Whatever the car, the system is sold as a bundle that includes DAB and an iPod input.

Power 440w
Drive units 4 x aluminium-dome tweeters, 8 x Kevlar midrange drivers,
I-Pod support Yes
DAB support Yes
TV option Yes
Touchscreen control Yes