Tata Nano Europa

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Tata Nano Europa

Tata is bringing its low-cost revolution to Europe by 2011, and this is the car it will use - the aptly-named Tata Nano Europa.

There's two bits of good news for UK buyers: that it has a projected asking price of around 4500 (although Tata won't commit to anything) and it will be sold in left- and right-hand-drive form.

The Nano Europa has been significantly modified from the standard Nano to meet European standards. It has a sheet metal body and anti-lock brakes, stabilty controls and air bags will be offered.

It also gets bigger bumpers front and rear to comply with European crash regulations, making it slightly longer than the Nano, plus LED foglamps and a smarter trim.

Luggage still has to be loaded via the rear doors, however.

Inside there is leather trim, and high-gloss plastic on the dash.

Power comes from a Euro5-compliant engine that Tata says will produce 98g/km of CO2 and return 67mpg. It will be linked to an automatic five-speed gearbox.

Tata Invicta Vista EV
Tata also announced tentative electric car plans, in the shape of the Tata Invicta Vista EV.

It is expected to have a range of around 130 miles and a 0-60mph time of less than nine seconds. Trials have already begun, and it hopes the car will go on sale around the world.