Best used city cars (and the ones to avoid)

Used city cars provide hassle-free transport that's cheap, simple, and in the case of these modern offerings, cheerful too

Words ByAlex Robbins

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6=. Peugeot 107

If all you’re after is a cheap little car to get you around, you could do a lot worse than the Peugeot 107, or its sibling, the CitroΓ«n C1 – see below. Both of these tiddlers are rather old compared with the other cars here, and both share cramped back seats and a tiny boot. However, to an extent, you get what you pay for, because like-for-like, these are among the cheapest small cars you can get, and both offer funky dashboards and a decent amount of equipment.

We found: 2014 1.0 Active, 29,000 miles, Β£4399

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6=. CitroΓ«n C1

The CitroΓ«n C1 is essentially the same car as the Peugeot 107, just with a different badge and mildly tweaked styling. Prices, equipment and engines are much the same between the two cars, so really which one you choose should simply rest on what’s available nearby.

We found: 2014 1.0 Edition, 25,500 miles, Β£4498

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5. Renault Twingo

Spacious, practical, and quiet, the Renault Twingo is an impressive little city car, spoiled only by a high price when new. However, prices are much more reasonable on the used market, making the Twingo a very appealing prospect second-hand. You still get the cute, quirky styling and a great range of paint colours to choose from, too, plus many Twingos will have been specified with unusual decals and colourful interior trims.

We found: 2015 1.0 Play, 28,000 miles, Β£5495

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