The most fuel-efficient Motability cars

Looking for a Motability car that’s cheap to run? We list the top 10 most fuel-efficient models in our True MPG tests...

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Buying petrol or diesel can feel like taking a match to your wallet at the moment, with record prices putting the squeeze on all of us. 

That makes buying a car with good fuel efficiency particularly important – especially if you’re going to spend most of your mobility allowance on a vehicle through the Motability Scheme.

And if you’re looking for a car that sips fuel, you might look at the official fuel economy figures for each model you're considering. Bear in mind, though, that while those numbers do show how thirsty or frugal a car is, you’re unlikely to match them in the real world.

That’s why What Car? has its own True MPG figures, which reveal the fuel economy you can expect in realistic real-world driving. To make sure they are accurate, we use strictly controlled conditions in our tests, and they simulate town, rural and motorway driving.

A car’s True MPG reflects what’s possible if you drive gently and stick to speed limits but don’t resort to specialised fuel-saving techniques such as 'hypermiling'.

Here we’ve used our True MPG data to list the top 10 most fuel-efficient cars you can lease through Motability. If any of them catch your eye, follow the links to read our full review of each model.

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