True MPG: most and least efficient cars revealed

What Car?'s laboratory tests use a real-world driving route to show what fuel economy you can really expect. So, what are the best and worst performing cars?...

2014 Jaguar F-type Coupe R review
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Steve Huntingford
19 Jan 2019 12:40

The 10 least fuel-efficient cars tested:

10. Jaguar F-Type V6

True MPG 28.8mpg

One of the best things about the Jaguar F-Type is its V6 engine, because this makes a fantastic noise. However, it also likes a drink, returning just 28.8mpg in our True MPG test.

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9. Ateca Cupra

Cupra Ateca

True MPG 28.5mpg

As the first model from Seat’s freshly spun-off performance brand, the Cupra Ateca needed to be special. And sure enough it has what marketing folk like to call a ‘unique selling point’, because no other sports SUV offers anywhere near as much pace for less than £40,000. Just don't expect it to be cheap to run.

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8. Porsche 718 Cayman S

New Alpine A110 vs Audi TT RS vs Porsche Cayman

True MPG 28.4mpg

The latest version of Porsche's Cayman sports car swaps the flat-six engine of old for a four-cylinder unit in order to meet the emissions and fuel consumption targets demanded of it, but it's not enough to stop it appearing on this list. Fortunately, the Cayman can fall back on the fact it's one of the best handling cars on sale.

New BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes S-Class

True MPG 26.9mpg

The S-Class has long been one of the best luxury saloon around and is extremely relaxing to drive or be driven in. However, despite featuring mild hybrid technology, the S500 version is anything but frugal.

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6. Land Rover Discovery 3.0 SDV6

Used Land Rover Discovery 4x4 (17-present)

True MPG 26.3mpg

Large, luxurious SUVs aren't an efficient breed, but even by the standards of the class the Land Rover Discovery gulps down a lot of fuel, barely topping 26mpg.

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