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Used hybrids: Audi Q5 vs Volvo XC60 verdict

Buy either of these two premium plug-in hybrid SUVs at a year old and you'll save more than £13,000, but which is the better option?...

New Audi Q5 vs Volvo XC60

Our verdict

The good news is that buying either of these cars at this age will save you a healthy sum of money and, depending on your lifestyle, both should cost less to run than a conventional large SUV.

Both cars perform more than well enough in a number of other key areas, too, but it has to be said the Q5 is quieter, has a more compliant ride, is better to drive in electric-only mode and charges quicker. True, the XC60 scores by being a tad more spacious, but that’s not enough to tip the scales in its favour, because both of these cars are plenty practical enough for most people's needs. 

To sum up, we wouldn't blame you if you were swayed by the XC60's charms, but for us the Q5 emerges as the smarter choice. 

1st – Audi Q5 55 TFSIe quattro S line Competition

Audi Q5 rear

For Quieter; more flexible seating arrangement; more comfortable overall

Against Slightly smaller boot; a fraction more to buy here

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2nd - Volvo XC60 T8 AWD R-Design Polestar

    Volvo XC60 rear

    For Near-perfect driving position; more spacious

    Against Slower to recharge; unsettled ride; fiddly infotainment system

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    Specifications: Audi Q5 55 TFSIe quattro S line Competition

    • Engine 4cyl, 1984cc, petrol + electric motor 
    • Power 361bhp @ 5000-6000rpm 
    • Torque 368lb ft @ 1600-4500rpm
    • Gearbox 7-spd dual-clutch automatic
    • 0-60mph 5.4sec
    • Top speed 148mph
    • Official fuel economy 108.6mpg (WLTP)
    • Test MPG 30.4mpg (tested with empty battery)
    • CO2 emissions 49%/km

    Specifications: Volvo XC60 T8 AWD R-Design Polestar

    • Engine 4cyl, 1969cc, petrol + electric motor
    • Power 398hp @ 6000rpm 
    • Torque 486lb ft @ 2200-4800rpm 
    • Gearbox 8-spd automatic
    • 0-60mph 5.4sec
    • Top speed 140mph
    • Official fuel economy 122.8mpg (WLTP)
    • Test MPG 30.9mpg (tested with empty battery)
    • CO2 emissions 47g/km

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