Used Jaguar XF Sportbrake long-term test: report 3

Jaguar’s luxurious load-lugger has just been facelifted. However, we’ve acquired a used example to see whether its pleasures can be enjoyed on a budget...

Used Jaguar XF Sportbrake long-term test review

The car Jaguar XF Sportbrake R-Sport 2.0i 300PS petrol AWD Run by Alastair Clements, special contributor

Why it’s here Now that the facelifted model has been released, there are some great deals to be had on nearly new XFs. How does it stack up as a used buy?

Needs to Offer driver appeal and practicality in equal measure as it juggles the dual roles of executive express and family hauler

Mileage 8320 List price new (2018) £47,415 Price new with options £55,315 Value now £21,406 Test economy 22.8mpg Official economy 28.9mpg (WLTP)

8 March 2021 – Under pressure

Inevitably, the more you pay, the less trouble you expect to have with a product. That makes life harder for manufacturers of luxury cars, especially when their cars start to age.

Used Jaguar XF Sportbrake long-term test review

My Jaguar is hardly old, but neither is it immune to the odd glitch. On three occasions, the infotainment system has crashed, leaving the screen frozen – which is not ideal when it controls so much of the car’s functionality. Fortunately, turning the car off and on again gets it working so that normal service can resume. 

A trickier fix was the air conditioning. It began to blow warm air even when it was set to its lowest temperature, making the interior feel stuffy. That meant a trip to a dealer, where a faulty sensor was diagnosed and replaced.

Used Jaguar XF Sportbrake long-term test review

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake's only other problem has been a tendency to lose air from one of its tyres, probably due to a leaky valve. Usefully, though, the car not only tells me when a tyre is low, but also allows me to monitor all the pressures on the move to check it’s safe to drive.

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