Used test: Jaguar F-Type vs Mercedes-Benz SL

Anyone shopping for stunning performance and wind-in-the-hair fun should consider the Jaguar F-Type and the Mercedes-Benz SL. But which one makes more sense as a used buy?...

Jaguar F-Type

What will they cost?

New, the F-Type had a list price around £1000 cheaper than the SL, but discounts on the SL ran close to £12,000, giving it the lower Target Price at the time by around £6000. Now, though, two years on, It’s still the Merc that’s cheaper, to the tune of just over £3000.

Jaguar F-Type

The SL is cheaper to run, too. Official fuel economy figures suggest it will average 5mpg more than the F-Type, cost less to tax every year and cost around £400 less to service over a three-year period at a franchised dealership.

Both cars come with all the kit you’d expect on such expensive models, including leather seats, 19in alloys, a DAB radio, sat-nav, Bluetooth and rear parking sensors. The SL adds heated seats, a self-parking system, a powered boot lid, and dual-zone climate control.

Mercedes SL

As for safety, the SL outscores the F-Type with its standard active brake assist system. This includes a collision warning and an automatic emergency braking function.