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Used test: Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI costs

Both of these diminutive hot hatches are loads of fun, plus they're seriously cheap when bought used. But which is the better buy?...

New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

The Swift was the more expensive car new by quite some margin, but both are the same price when bought at this age. 

Bought new, the Swift was actually rather pricey at £17,999, but here we are nearly three years later and its asking price of around £11,500 looks surprisingly decent value. 

New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

It’s a testament to the appeal of the Up GTI that it’s hardly depreciated at all, which is certainly good news for the first owner. Bought new it would have set you back £14,155, but here at nearly three years old it’s still worth around £11,500, which proves that its residual values are top-notch. 

Both of these cars are well equipped, but the Swift offers climate control, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and start and a rear-view camera over the Up.

Suzuki Swift Euro NCAP crash test

A factor that might rule out the Swift for younger drivers, though, is its crazy insurance rating. The car is deemed to be expensive to repair, so it falls into group 35. The Up GTI, meanwhile, is in group 17, so premiums will be relatively cheap. According to our criteria, the Swift would cost you £2709 to insure over three years compared with the Up’s £1635. 


The Up will cost you less to run in other respects, too, being cheaper on fuel and, as mentioned, because it sheds value at a much slower rate. Servicing should also cost you less over three years, with the Up costing you £1076 against the Swift’s £1250.

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