Watch your Saab being built online

* Saab plans cameras in factory from 2011 * Customers will also be able to collect from Sweden * Saab refocus on bespoke cars after GM ownership...

Watch your Saab being built online

Saab buyers will be able to watch their cars being built online and then collect them from the company's Trollhattan factory in Sweden.

Saab wants to put more focus on the customer experience now it is no longer owned by General Motors (GM), and plans to start installing cameras on the production line from next year.

Initially, buyers might get a text message and image showing them significant parts of the production process, such as the marriage of drivetrain and body, but Saabs global product manager Christopher McKinnon said live feeds could eventually be used.

McKinnon said customers will also be able to collect their cars from the factory next year.

The personal attention to detail will rely on a shift to building cars to order, rather than building them first and then looking for buyers as Saab did under GM, something that McKinnon is keen to see happen.