What might be in store for Land Rover?

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What might be in store for Land Rover?
8 Mar 2010 17:56

The Range Rover family will look pretty complete when the LRX arrives (see below), although how the Land Rover range shapes up is less certain.

There will be a new Defender, but the Freelander's future is more vague. When it first arrived it was as a three-door as well as a five-door, and perhaps the time might be right to go down that route once again.

While a smaller version makes sense as buyers downsize, Land Rover has to ensure it doesn't tread on the toes of the LRX.

There's also talk of a seven-seater version of the Freelander, which might take the place of the very capable, but heavy, Discovery.

A seven-seater built on a more car-like structure would be lighter, easier to engineer to future emissions standards and cheaper to build.