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Seat Leon Cupra review

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Pretty, don’t you think? Yes, while other high-performance hatchbacks sprout eye-catching but opinion-dividing wings and spoilers, the Seat Leon Cupra goes without such appendages and, many would argue, looks all the better for it. In fact, some might not notice a whole lot of change between the thumping Cupra and a standard Seat Leon, especially if it’s in the sportier FR trim. If you want to know the best tell-tale, it’s the copper-coloured Seat badge that adorns the Cupra’s front grille.

Don’t think that this restraint in the looks department means it's restrained in the engine department, though; with a 286bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine powering the front wheels, it’s anything but. And yet, being a Leon underneath, the Cupra still manages to be practical, whether you choose it in hatchback or estate form. In fact, the latter has even more power (296bhp) and gains four-wheel drive.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a brand new hot hatch or performance estate and have contenders such as the Honda Civic Type R, Renault Megane RS and Volkswagen Golf R on your shortlist, read on to see if it's worth adding the Leon, too.

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