Used Vauxhall Agila MPV 2000 - 2008 review

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Vauxhall Agila MPV (00 - 08)
  • Vauxhall Agila MPV (00 - 08)
  • Vauxhall Agila MPV (00 - 08)

Our recommendations

Which used Vauxhall Agila estate should I buy?

Two engines, both petrol, are available. A 57bhp 1.0-litre is the entry-level motor, and this feels out of its depth on all but urban roads. Gutless performance means it takes its time to reach cruising speeds and, once you get there, it drones annoyingly.

Sadly, the 1.2-litre alternative doesn't fare much better. It's a bit quicker to accelerate, but it's still slow and doesn't feel much more settled at speed than the 1.0-litre, which becomes our reluctant choice, albeit only by default.