Citroen takes green cars to Frankfurt

04 September 2007

Citroen has added two green models to its Frankfurt motor show line-up, the C-Cactus and the C4 BioFlex car.

The C-Cactus concept car is built on the Citroen C4 platform and powered by a diesel hybrid engine. It returns 97.4mpg and emits 78g/km of carbon dioxide.

The 70bhp diesel engine combines with the 30bhp electric motor to give a restricted top speed of 93mph. In town the car operates in all-electric mode, giving zero emissions.

The weight - and consequently price - of the car has been kept down by the use of only half the components typically used on a traditional car.

That has led to many parts having many functions: the ignition key, for instance, is also an MP3 player, while the dashboard has been replaced by a central console that controls functions such as the loudspeakers, gearbox controls and navigation system.

In order to maximise the car's green credentials, many parts have also been built using recycled or recyclable materials. These include the windscreen, windows, door panels and tyres.

C4 BioFlex
The C4 BioFlex is powered by a 1.6-litre engine that runs on E85 bioethanol, regular unleaded or a combination of both.

When running on E85 the car's power rises from 110bhp to 113bhp and C02 emissions fall from 169g/km to 160g/km.

It is Citroen's first flexfuel car in Europe, although they already account for 80% of the company's sales in Brazil.

The C4 BioFlex will initially be launched in France and Sweden in late 2007, at the same price as the equivalent petrol models.

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