Exclusive photos hint at new Mondeo

16 December 2005

  • New Ford Mondeo won't be here until 2007
  • Iosis concept gave hints to future Ford looks
  • Computer-generated images show new Mondeo

New Ford Mondeo in showrooms by late '07

The new Ford Mondeo won't be in UK showrooms until late 2007, but this is how the flagship family car could look like.

Ford revealed the Iosis concept car at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. At the time, the company pointed out that the concept wasn't the new Mondeo, but admitted that it gave clues to what Fords may look like in the future.

Since then, our artists have been hard at work on these exclusive computer-generated images of the new Mondeo.

The car has lost the gullwing doors and the cameras which replaced door mirrors on the concept vehicle. However, the nose of the Iosis concept is thought to be very close to the new Mondeo.

For more information on the new Mondeo, come back to whatcar.com just after Christmas, when we'll be revealing the secret cars coming your way in 2006.

Computer-generated images by Schulte

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