Kia predicts big future for estates

21 August 2007

  • Firm predicts 4x4 backlash
  • People will turn to estates instead
  • Cee'd SW is company's first estate

Kia Cee'd SW

Kia officials are predicting that a backlash against 4x4s will reinvigorate the estate market, pushing up sales of its Cee'd SW.

The Cee'd SW is Kia's first estate car. The company expects to sell 400 cars in the remainder of 2007 and 1000 models in 2008.

'At the moment, there are a lot of concerns over emissions and running costs, so we predict that people will come back to estates,' said Amy Wand, product manager for the Cee'd.

Kia currently has a 1% share of European car sales, but hopes that ambitious quality and styling targets, as well as new car launches in coming years, will enlarge its market share by 2011.

4x4s not dead yet, though
Despite this, Kia is working on a new compact 4x4 called the Soul - and it could go on sale the UK in late 2008.

A Kia spokesman said: 'There might well be a backlash against larger-engined 4x4s that have high carbon dioxide emissions, but we still think the 4x4 market will remain healthy for us.

'We have proved that we can build good quality, smaller-engined 4x4s such as the Sorento and the Sportage.'

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