London is slowest city in Europe

17 October 2007

Britain's cities are the most gridlocked in Europe, according to new research.

Six UK cities are among the 10 most congested, with London topping the survey as the slowest.

Cars travel at an average of just 11.8mph in Britain's capital, whereas cyclists average 14mph in the rush hour.

The findings have also led to criticism of the current Congestion Charge system.

Shadow transport secretary Theresa Villiers said: 'This Government has repeatedly failed to provide the vision and ideas needed to tackle this country’s worsening transport problems.'

The best result for a UK city monitored was achieved by Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where traffic moved at an average of 26.1mph.

The information was compiled by, which used satellite tracking to check the speed of vehicles in 30 major European cities.

Slowest cities in Europe
1 London 11.8mph
2 Berlin 15.0mph
3 Warsaw 16.1mph
4 Manchester 17.4mph
5 Edinburgh 18.5mph
6 Rome 18.7mph
7 Glasgow 19.0mph
8 Bristol 19.6mph
9 Paris 19.8mph
10 Belfast 19.9mph

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