Nissan's pedestrian-friendly bonnet

02 August 2007

The Skyline coupe will be Nissan's first car to feature a pedestrian-saving pop-up bonnet when it is launched this autumn, but only people living in Japan will benefit.

The system has been devised to minimise head injuries in pedestrian accidents.

A sensor in the front bumper measures the force of any impact and, if required, the bonnet is pushed up to create a protective buffer space between it and the engine components underneath.

It was developed as part of Nissan's drive to halve the number of traffic fatalities or serious injuries involving its vehicles in Japan by 2015.

Although the system is expected to be incorporated into all of Nissan's cars over time, the company has not yet set any dates for when it will be fitted to any of its UK cars.

Citroen and Jaguar already use similar technology on their cars - and it is available on UK models.

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