Sand-surfing concept from Citroen

15 May 2006

  • Citroen reveals dune-buggy concept at Madrid
  • Similar concept could indicate C3 Pluriel direction
  • New diesel and six-speed gearbox launched, too


This cool-looking dune buggy is a new concept car from Citroen, but there are more down-to-earth developments to report on, too.

Appearing for the first time at the Madrid Motor Show next week, the C-Buggy is based around the earlier C-Airplay concept.

As well as typical dune buggy features, such as wide wheel arches and the absence of any windscreen or windows, the C-Buggy has transparent lower door panels like the C-Airplay. (Nissan has also used this feature on this year's Urge roadster concept - it says it creates a greater sensation of speed).

The Buggy and Airplay give a good idea of how Citroen's small car styling is developing, but neither are yet earmarked for production. Of the two, the Airplay is the most likely to reach showrooms as a replacement, or smaller sibling, for the current C3 Pluriel convertible.

That doesn't mean Citroen isn't going off-road, however. Next year, we'll see the arrival of the company's first 4x4, a Honda CR-V-sized car that's based around the next Mitsubishi Outlander, which also arrives next year.

Sister-company Peugeot will also launch its own version of the 4x4 at the same time as Citroen. You can see more pictures of how the cars could look by clicking on 'More pictures' on the right.

Citroen will also announce further details of a new 173bhp diesel engine for the C5 at Madrid next week. There will also be more information on the all-new six-speed automatic gearbox, which is on the way later this year.

Citroen also says it has something up its sleeve for this July's London motor show, but it is keeping any details of the project secret until then.

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