Three quarters of tyres underinflated

01 October 2007

  • 75% of all cars have underinflated tyres
  • Results from biggest-ever tyre safety survey
  • A quarter of cars have one illegal tyre

Always check your tyre pressures

Almost three quarters of all cars are being driven with underinflated tyres, according to the results of the biggest-ever tyre safety survey.

The survey for tyre safety organisation TyreSafe also showed that 25% of these vehicles have a tyre that is either illegal (having a tread depth of less than 1.6mm) or badly worn.

Severely deflated tyres can badly affect a car's handling and lead to a potential accident.

Government statistics have shown that underinflated or defective tyres are responsible for more than a third of all road crashes resulting in injury.

Underinflated tyres can also cost you money because they create increased fuel consumption and can also increase carbon dioxide emissions - up to 5.5 million tons a year, in fact.

90% of motorists don't know their car's tyre pressures, so look in your car's handbook if you're not sure.

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