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The new Ka broke cover this week with our first drive. See what we thought of the Ford here.

It also had a slightly more glamorous test driver in the latest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Find out more here.

If that leaves you tempted to buy, then find out how much a new Ka will cost when it goes on sale in January. Browse the price list here.

It's not just Bond helping to save the planet: Honda is planning an onslaught of petrol-electric hybrid cars within the next three years that will change the way many of us drive. Have a first look at their Insight here.

If you're looking for something eye-catching, then have a look at the first pictures of Nissan's new 370Z. It's the best-looking car we've seen all week. See if you agree here.

We also had a first look at Volvo's S60 concept, with a crystal interior and unique gearstick. See it here.

Our cars: fleet update
See how our cars have been performing in the real world of everyday motoring, here.

First drives
Infiniti EX and FX

Latest car reviews
Golf Mk VI
Ford Ka
Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Renault Laguna Coupe

Other news
Driving test strike
Have you got a driving test booked? Read on – it could be under threat. Full story here.

EU want to scrap older cars
It will also make it cheaper for you to buy a new, greener model – maybe. Read about it here.

Bentley to cut 300 jobs
The credit crunch bites. The details are here.

Chancellor calls for fuel price cut
Alistair Darling joins the campaign for cheaper fuel at the pump. More here.

Government speeds up toll schemes
Could motorists soon be paying to drive on the hard shoulder of motorways? Find out more here.

Illegal flags on your numberplate
Could you be breaking the law by displaying your national flag? It appears so. Read more here.

Cleaner cars must be good to drive too
More of us want greener cars to be value for money and have good performance, too. Environmental benefits are not enough. Details here.

Judge calls for retests for over 70s
A fatal accident prompts a judge to call for elderly drivers to be retested. Read more here.

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