What Car? test fleet: Bye-bye BMW - Citroen C3 Picasso

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Citroen C3 Picasso
1.6 HDi 110 Exclusive
List price £16,240
Target Price £15,687
Run by Alex Newby
Tested for Five months/2595 miles

I thought sat-nav was meant to make journeys easier, but Citroen's My Way system (£700) has had me tearing my hair out.

It's not the maps or directions, but the traffic information – it just won't shut up! The radio traffic announcement loudly butted in even when the stereo was switched off, giving my sleeping baby and me a start. Neither the system menus nor the manual explain how to turn the thing off, and it was only through trial and error that staff at Citroen London West discovered that disabling the announcement on one of the stations cancels it on the rest, too.

So it's peace at last – sort of.

More sat-nav nasties
I've now noticed how annoying I find the barrage of alerts asking if I want to detour from traffic on my route. Add to this the way the phone number you've called obliterates the rest of the display, a total lack of streets offered for the London area of Roehampton, and an instance where the map and directions told me to go in opposite directions, and it's not exactly a system I can rely on.

Shame, because otherwise I'm really enjoying the Picasso – it's practical, spacious and fun to drive. I just wish I'd got myself a TomTom for a fraction of the price and saved myself the stress and the cash.

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