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Audi Q3
Audi Q3
Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 140 S line

Week ending February 22
Mileage 12,300
Driven this week 300 miles

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Our Audi Q3's custodian, John Bradshaw, has gone for something a little bit bigger for his annual family trip to the ski slopes, so I've taken the opportunity to revisit his long-termer while he's away.

The Q3 has cracked through the 12,000-mile barrier in not much more than eight months, but it's wearing extremely well. The cabin materials don't appear to be scuffing or marking too badly (a Godsend in a photographer's car) and the build quality is standing up to daily life remarkably well, with not a single rattle. Put simply, the cabin feels as fresh as it did when I last drove the Q3 – and that could easily have been 10,000 miles ago.

Audi is often sensitive about where its cars are built; it doesn't exactly publicise the fact that TTs are made in Hungary, for example, and I doubt you'll find many brochures proudly proclaiming that the Q3 is manufactured by Seat in Martorell near Barcelona. On this evidence, it doesn't need to be quite so precious about things.

By John McIlroy

Week ending February 8
Mileage 11,400
Driven this week 50 miles

A metal cover on the boot catch mechanism came loose, so I booked the Q3 to get checked over at West London Audi.

They repaired the boot and gave the car a 'health check' - there's still a few miles to go before its first service is due - and a good clean. It was great service and I didn't have to pay a penny either.


Week ending Febraury 1
Total mileage 11,346
Driven this week: 60

What impresses me most about our Audi Q3 is just how solid it still feels.

The mileage has already crept over 11,000, and yet there are no creaks, vibrations or signs of wear and tear in the cabin. It still feels showroom-fresh.

Given the sort of hard use it sees at the hands of photographer John Bradshaw, that's no small demonstration of just how well put together the Q3's cabin is.


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