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Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending June 28
Mileage 25,995
Driven this week 170 miles

Range Rover Evoque review

It's no surprise that the Range Rover Evoque remains reliable after 15 months and 26,000 miles. You'd expect that from any car, let alone one costing close to £40,000.

What wasn't such a given is that the Evoque would still feel so fresh. There's not a rattle or squeak, the seats feel firm, everything works with a satisfying click or thunk and the trim is scuff-free.

So, it all bodes well for the future of our car, not to mention the potential for the Evoque to be a sound used buy, too. It's also reflective of how Land Rover has improved its reliability across the board.

The Evoque was too new to be included in this year's What Car?/JD Power survey where the brand achieved a best-ever sixth place overall, but when they are eligible, I wouldn't bet against the brand doing even better.

By Chas Hallett

Week ending June 21
Mileage 25,825
Driven this week 325

During the week my BMW 3 Series Coupe usually occupies my garage. I've lived at the same address for several years and am quite proud of the fact that the smallish modern garage is still free of enough clutter to be able to squeeze the car in.

I try to give the BMW a run most weekends, and while it's out I usually put whatever I've borrowed from the What Car? fleet in the garage. This was my first time in the Range Rover Evoque and I had my doubts.

Somewhat surprisingly, length and height weren't an issue. Width was. The Evoque has a pair of dirty great wing mirrors that fold electrically, but even then they still stick out too far. The SUV's reversing camera and parking sensors helped to an extent, but with space at a premium from the outset the bleeping started the moment I got over the threshold.

Getting the Range Rover to fit was one thing. Getting myself out of the Evoque was quite another. I'm not quite as svelte as I used to be, so had to ease the door open carefully to avoid hitting it on the wall, stand on the sill and somehow extricated myself before squeezing between SUV and rough, knobbly garage wall with minimal blood loss.

It's not something I wish to repeat very often - and I guess it's not something that will be experienced by your average Evoque owner - but I’m chuffed I got it to fit. All I need now is a small child that can get in and drive it out for me.

By Rob Keenan

Week ending June 14
Mileage 25500
Driven this week 500 miles

No one is going to buy the Range Rover Evoque for ultimate practicality, although the figures say that rear boot space – 575 cubic litres seats up, 1445 seats down – is within spitting distance of that of a BMW 5 Series Touring or Audi Q5.

The thought struck me as I headed up the A1 en route to Leeds and my student daughter rang to say that 'she couldn't believe how much stuff she'd collected in the past year' and 'could I also give one of her friends a lift down south'.

Thankfully, our long-term Evoque was up to the task; the 70/30 split folding rear seats helping to make the most of the boot which took the luggage and extra passenger with a few cubic millimetres to spare.

My one gripe was the steep rake on the rear hatch which, on a visit the next day to the garden centre, resulted in the decapitation of a tall bedding plant in which I'd just invested £4.99.

By Patrick Fuller

Week ending June 7
Mileage 25000
Driven this week 1055 miles

Last weekend I moved house. I decided to move by myself without the help of a removals company and so required the most practical car available on the long-term fleet. Mark was away with his XF Sportbrake, so that meant I used the Range Rover Evoque.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get much in because of the sloping roofline and intrusive wheelarches, but the Evoque handled the move really well.

It took only two runs – either I haven't accumulated enough belongings over the past few years or the Evoque is more spacious than I thought.

By Matthew Burrow

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