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Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy Technic

Week ending March 22
Total mileage 1218
Mileage this week 11

Renault Twizy review

The first time I took the Twizy home, I parked it in the underground car park beneath my flat, then suddenly realised there was nowhere secure to leave my permit on display.

This seemed like a major oversight in a vehicle designed for city life, because it meant I had to leave the Twizy out on the street.

The fact that I also had to get up an hour earlier than planned the following day, to make sure it wasn’t still on the street when my friendly neighbourhood traffic warden started work, didn’t help my mood.

Fortunately, the purchase of a secure (well, sort of) aftermarket permit holder has solved the problem. I’m just surprised Renault didn’t think to offer something similar itself.

By Steve Huntingford

Week ending March 15
Current mileage 1207
Miles driven this week 10

I drove the Twizy for the first time this week. It was dark, cold and damp outside, so it's safe to say that conditions weren't optimal for driving home in a partially open electric two-seater.

Five miles later, it was mostly with relief that I climbed out (blame the ridiculously hard ride and the amount of icy wind that had been swirling around my back), but I was also smiling because my commute has rarely been so amusing.

The Twizy is huge fun. It's simplicity itself to drive, is swift enough to keep up with urban traffic (even if initial acceleration from a standstill is a little slow) and mini-roundabouts and many bends can be dispatched with the merest flick of the steering wheel.

In the end, though, I struggle to see the long-term appeal of the Twizy. Sure, it'd be great to hire one on holiday in southern Europe, but in Britain, in winter, its appeal is far more limited.


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