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Volkswagen Up
Volkswagen Up
Volkswagen Up 1.0 75 High Up 3dr

Week ending March 29
Mileage 7055
Miles driven this week 61

Volkswagen Up review

It's been a week spent mostly in the office, and I've been glad to be behind the wheel of our Up every morning and evening. For my urban commute, it has easily enough get up and go and excellent all-round visibility for nipping in and out of traffic.

However, I was disappointed to discover another door mirror incident this week. It looks as though someone has clipped it, taking a small amount of paint off. It's nowhere near as bad as the recent full door respray that was needed, but as I found before, a replacement cap isn't a cheap job as it still has to painted to order.

By Rory White

Week ending March 22
Mileage 6994
Driven this week 147 miles

I’ve recently moved farther into London, where parking is a little more hit and miss than where I previously lived. If you can find a space at all, it is usually tiny and on more than one occasion this week I’ve been glad of the Up’s equally diminutive dimensions. Each time I have walked away wondering whether any other car on the What Car? fleet would have squeezed in to the parking space the Up now occupied.

Another little niggle has cropped up, though; there’s no switch for the passenger window on the driver’s side. It isn’t often you pull up to somebody on the passenger side, but when you do and inevitably forget the switch situation, they’ll be left laughing as you struggle embarrassingly against your belt. Believe me.

By Rory White

Week ending March 15
Mileage 6847
Driven this week 96 miles

Rory kindly lent me his Up to get to a fives match after work one night this week, and the trip through suburbia, around the M25 and back into the suburbs was enough to remind me just how great the little Volkswagen is.

As Chas said below, the Maps and More sat-nav system was a dream to use. Being able to input a full postcode was a particular bonus when trying to find an obscure court in dark North London.

One odd little gripe was that the Bluetooth connection wasn't perfect for streaming music from my phone and just occasionally the track would skip slightly, like a scratched CD. It happened maybe three or four times in about two hours of driving

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason behind this – the phone sat untouched in the door pocket, and I didn't get any calls or texts around the time of the skipping.

By Tom Webster

Week ending March 8
Mileage 6751
Driven this week 80 miles

I've been scooting around town in the Up this week – and in lots of ways it's the perfect tool for the job. Not to mention a relatively glamorous way of negotiating traffic jams in central London.

What makes our Up even more glamorous and grown-up is the Maps and More infotainment system, which is standard in our High Up model, but an optional extra in lesser models. If you can stretch to the £270 it costs, I'd recommend adding one. It's a brilliant system: the sat-nav works well and it's a cinch to sync to my iPhone. It also lends even more flair and a grown-up feel to the Up's cabin, which isn't short of either attribute.

You can detach the screen and use it on the move – I haven't felt the need to do that yet, but it's equally useful to stash it away from prying eyes.

By Chas Hallett

Week ending March 1
Mileage 6671
Driven this week 271 miles

I contacted Volkswagen this week, to ask about the gearbox noises issue reported by some people on the Up owner forums.

It was confirmed that there have been some complaints, but that investigation work carried out found that there are no mechanical defects. What is more likely, Volkswagen says, is that some people are trading in bigger cars for a new Up, and are used to a quieter cabin.

The simple fact is, the Up is small, light city car, and the amount of sound deadening around the transmission tunnel is much less than your standard family hatchback.

I continue to have no problems with mine, and it continues to impress. Another little fact Volkswagen confirmed to me impressed, but didn’t surprise me, too; VW sold 14,705 Ups last year.

By Rory White

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