What Car? takes fuel economy challenge - The results

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Fuel economy challenge
Fuel economy challenge
After all four of the drivers in each of the teams had finished their second lap there was an excruciating wait for the results. It was made easier by a quick tour of the emissions labs where Millbrook are certified, amongst many other things, to conduct the drive cycle tests that make up the official fuel consumption and emissions figures.

One member from each of the teams was given a go at driving on the rolling road in the lab. This is where the driven wheels rest on rollers and the driver has to follow a speed trace on a computer screen to duplicate a test cycle.

If an engineer conducting an official test cycle strays from this speed trace by more than 2kmh, the test is abandoned. In our case it would trigger a time penalty, the winner, then, being the driver with the least added time.

Did we win this round? We did not. Greg Archer, director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, triumphed, with the What Car? team member coming in third of fifth.

Perhaps that gives you a clue as to the overall success or otherwise of the What Car? team overall? Let's see…

The results
In reverse order, the results were:

5) The Department for Innovation, Business and Skills – 44.79mpg.
4) Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders – 46.22mpg
3) The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership – 46.38mpg
2) The Department for Transport – 46.74
1) What Car? seized victory with a combined team-average fuel consumption of 48.45mpg.

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