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Q) Is there a website I can use to check the service history of a car? I’m looking at a second-hand Volkswagen Polo, but the owner says he’s lost the service book.
Paul Jennings, via e-mail

A) As useful as it would be, there isn’t a central database that contains service records for all cars. So, you can’t simply log on to a website, type in a registration number and pull up a car’s service history.

However, you could try calling Volkswagen Customer Care on 0800 0833 914. They may have some records, but will probably want to speak to the current owner before releasing any information.

Alternatively, you could ask the seller where he had the car serviced, and try calling that dealer to see if they can help.

We wouldn’t recommend buying a car without a service history. However, if the price is very attractive, you could always pay for an independent inspection of the car’s condition. That would at least give you some peace of mind if you did decide to buy the car.

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