Sir Stirling calls for OAP retests

    Former F1 driver calls for retest at 70
  • Tests every five years thereafter
  • Research questions OAPs' competence
Sir Stirling Moss
Sir Stirling Moss
Formula One legend Sir Stirling Moss has called for driving test retakes for OAPs.

Sir Stirling, 79, said pensioners should be forced to retake their driving test every five years when they reach 70, to ensure they are still competent drivers.

His comments come in the wake of a report from the Department for Transport, which found evidence to suggest that accidents involving older drivers were more often caused by driver error or slow reaction times.

Statistics show there are three million licence holders over the age of 70, but this is expected to increase to 4.5 million by 2014.

Sir Stirling's call for change has been applauded by Madelaine Selwyn, from Wales, whose teenage son was killed in an accident caused by a 69-year-old driver travelling along the wrong carriageway on the M4.

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