What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It's tough, comes in six- or seven-seat models, and has good standard kit

Against The interior is dull, the suspension struggles on rough surfaces, and fuel economy is poor

Verdict It's a comfortable family cruiser with good interior space, but lacks versatility

Go for… 2.4 petrol

Avoid… 2.0 petrol

Mitsubishi Space Wagon MPV
  • 1. The Space Wagon needs servicing every 9000 miles, which can make it costly to run
  • 2. Suspension damage is worth looking out for, given how firmly the Space Wagon rides down bumpy roads
  • 3. The brake booster unit on some early cars needed modification, so check that’s been done if you’re considering a '98-'99 model
  • 4. The quality of the interior is average in comparison to rival models, so look for broken switchgear and shabby upholstery
  • 5. Mounting the gearstick high on the centre console leaves room in the footwells for bags
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