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Ford Galaxy 2019 front cornering
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Our galaxy, the Milky Way, contains many well-known objects. Some are unique, like Saturn with its beautiful rings or Jupiter with its enormous, stormy eye, but others are more common, such as the 200-odd billion stars twinkling away at night. And the Ford Galaxy, of course, which might outnumber even the stars judging by the amount you see driving about. Yes, if you’re being ferried around a city or en route to an airport, there’s a good chance you’ll be ensconced in one of these large SUVs.

There’s a reason for the Galaxy’s ubiquity: it’s jolly good on a number of fronts. Running cost is one, along with seating flexibility and passenger space. And, while those make it a money-spinner for private hire firms, the same virtues make it a great family car as well.

Is it the best MPV choice, though? That’s what we intend to explore in this review, where we’ll look into the Galaxy’s farthest reaches to discover what are its pros and cons, then compare and contrast it with its nearest rivals. They are many and varied, and include similar purpose-built MPVs, such as the Seat Alhambra, Volkswagen Sharan and Ford’s own S-Max, as well as the van-based MPVs, like the Mercedes V-Class, Peugeot Traveller and Volkswagen Caravelle.

So, read on over the next few pages for our in-depth impressions of the Galaxy, along with our recommendations for the trim level and engine that make the most sense. Once you’re ready to take the plunge, be it on a Galaxy or any other new car, have a look at our New Car Buying pages for absolutely stellar savings off the list price of nearly every new car on sale.

Ford Galaxy 2019 RHD left side static indoor
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