Used Alfa Romeo Stelvio 17-present

Used Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2017-present review

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What should I look for in a used Alfa Romeo Stelvio estate?

The Stelvio is a large car that will most likely have been used in urban areas, on school runs and supermarket trips, as well as hammered down motorways, so it’s worth checking the extremities of the car for any scuffs and dents. Visibility can be tricky looking to the rear, although there is a rear-view camera and useful parking sensors. Check also the alloy wheels for any kerb damage and the electric operation of the rear tailgate, and make sure all the seats fold and slide as they should.

We don’t yet know how reliable the Stelvio is because it’s still fairly new. Alfa Romeos can be a mixed bag, with older ones being notoriously tricky. However, although Alfa Romeos of recent years have been known to suffer from persistent electrical problems, relating to anything from starting the car to the sat-nav operation through to the electric operation of the seats and the rear tailgates failing, newer ones have a better record.

The Stelvio didn’t feature in our most recent reliability survey, but Alfa Romeo as a brand finished a stunning 5th out of 32 manufacturers, with an excellent overall score of 86% - the Giulietta featuring very highly in the family car class. While the duration of the warranty is a fairly standard three years from new, it’s worth noting that there are no mileage restrictions.


Used Alfa Romeo Stelvio 17-present

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Is a used Alfa Romeo Stelvio estate reliable?

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